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European fund manager adopts technology agnostic software to provide essential oversight of portfolio performance for its investors

Gothenburg, 11th August – Glennmont Partners (Glennmont), one of Europe’s largest pure renewables fund managers, has adopted Greenbyte’s monitoring platform to oversee the technical performance of its dynamic European wind and solar portfolio. Greenbyte will be fully integrated with Glennmont’s financial and commercial management systems, pulling data from Glennmont’s newest funds with an operational fleet exceeding 1GW to inform decision-making and create transparency with investors.

European renewables have been identified as a ‘safe haven’ for investors amid market volatility, offering stable long-term returns, backed by high standards of commercial and technical performance. As capital continues to be channeled into renewables infrastructure and portfolios scale up, it is important that fund and asset managers continue to invest in technologies and systems that deliver maximum value to an increasingly diverse set of investors.

Glennmont currently operates a complementary portfolio of onshore and offshore wind and solar assets across France, Italy, Finland, and Germany. With further investment planned, the geographical scale and diversity of this asset base will continue to grow, underlining the requirement for a versatile asset management system encompassing the technical, financial and commercial aspects of project operations.

Greenbyte has been chosen by Glennmont to support its technical asset management functions. Through its user-friendly platform, Greenbyte facilitates the early identification of issues leading to asset downtime and losses, offering Glennmont a complete list of identified issues for the company to focus on in the technical management of its portfolio. This ultimately reduces downtime and enables Glennmont to identify value add and value protection projects to undertake within the Funds.

To ensure seamless integration between Glennmont’s management tools, Greenbyte’s platform will also act as a data input for the fund manager’s financial and commercial platforms. Greenbyte’s data will be fed directly into detailed monthly reporting on each individual asset in Glennmont’s portfolio, allowing complete transparency on asset performance with its investors.

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