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EU-US energy research vital to global energy security

Commenting on the setting up of an EU-US Energy Council, Christian Kjaer, Chief Executive of the European Wind Energy Association said:

“That an EU-US Summit decides to establish a trans-Atlantic Energy Council shows the growing importance of energy in international relations. Energy security and climate change will have an ever greater role in global politics.”


“It is clearly important to improve dialogue between the EU and US on energy issues and to boost scientific cooperation. If they are serious about tackling climate change, they need to act fast in reducing global CO2 emissions and radically change the way energy is produced.”

“The focus of this new cooperation has to be on the technology that is ready to be deployed and deliver CO2 reductions targets in the short term – by 2015 according to the IPCC. This means that wind energy has to be a key element of the new cooperation and top of the new Council’s agenda. “

For more information contact:
Paolo Berrino, EWEA
+32 2 400 10 55