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Dinges: New Assessment of Temporary Work

* Findings by D-Statis and OECD show definite demand
* Demonstrating higher appreciation for temporary employees
* Lack in skilled personnel: better utilisation of available potential


Düsseldorf, September 10, 2008 – Andreas Dinges, Chairman of the Board of DIS Deutscher Industrie Service AG, has today called for a re-evaluation of social realities and job opportunities posed by temporary employment, without any preconceptions. Latest publications by the Federal Statistics Office showed that it is high time to accept temporary employment as an important economic factor, and to show highest appreciation for temporary employees, Dinges declared today at a management meeting.
Temporary employment is not only an important factor in regards to job security, but also – in particular in the area of specialised contract work – a factor for prosperity and future security of company locations. In an international context, temporary employment numbers in Germany are with 1.3 percent still significantly lower than those of other industrial nations, like Great Britain (4.5%), the Netherlands (2.5%), France (2.4%), or Japan with 1.9%.

Dinges called for a different classification of temporary employment in Germany. More and more contract workers are employed in qualified or highly specialised positions, and are paid on the level of traditional employment. In effect, 95 percent of the 10 000 temporary employees coming through DIS AG, are receiving non-tariff, or above tariff remunerations.

A dangerous low in available skilled personnel for some fields of expertise, will only be counteracted by including temporary employment, Dinges added. But it is also true that: “Headhunting has long since come to the temporary employment industry as well.” Particularly sought after are specialists and managers from the areas of finance and accounting, as well as the continuing search for IT professionals. In the industry sector, specialists for solar energy, and technicians in the fields of automotive, and aeronautics and space technology are particularly sought after.

In an educational report presented on Tuesday, the OECD warned that Germany continues to fall back in the education and provision of highly qualified specialists.
“Without a doubt, we will need an educational offensive in Germany to guarantee our international competitive ability for the provision of qualified specialists. Right now, however, we will have to learn to utilise available potential more productively.” Dinges asserted. He pointed out in particular the wealth of professional knowledge and experience offered by older specialists and managers. Just like for any project team members, DIS AG provides accompanying and customised programs for older employees, in order to prepare them for the specific demands in today’s job market.

Dinges finally stressed not to forget the availability of female technicians right here in Germany in many companies’ far-flung international searches for specialists. Highly qualified women are currently waiting for a chance to prove themselves with companies – even in short-term projects.

DIS AG is one of the six biggest personnel service providers in Germany. As the market leader in hiring and placement of skilled personnel and managers, they have specialised in the segments Finance, Industry, Information Technology, Office & Management and Outsourcing & Consulting. The subsidiaries euro engineering AG (100%), euro engineering AEROSPACE GMBH (100%) and encad GmbH (100%) are offering engineering services for the engineering industry.

About 10,000 employees in 176 branch offices are working for DIS AG. Other companies belonging to the DIS AG corporate group are: DIS Consulting GmbH (100%), DIS Deutscher Industrie Service AG Österreich (100%), DIS Interim Management GmbH (100%) and Personal Innovation GmbH (100%). Following a survey conducted by the magazine Capital, DIS AG places among the “Best German Employers 2008”.

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