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Burnt Out Economy finds new life with Green Technology

‘Green jobs’ are supported by the Senate on the week that Utilities leaders meet to refine operations – But have they missed the Green Rush?

Profits in the Utilities sector have fallen and experts say it may not be until 2011 that any improvements can be seen. Consumer demand has decreased dramatically since the economic crisis first began, as housing and commercial construction markets have seen a severe drop in business. So key visionaries rallied last week at the greatly anticipated NGU Summit to discuss ways in which they can best invest in innovative technologies to secure top-line growth.


Met with a standing ovation, Diane Grueneich – Commissioner, State Of California Public Utilities Commission opened proceedings looking at the implementation of energy efficiency programs and building partnerships nationally and internationally that advance best practices in clean energy and policies to achieve maximum energy savings. Such Green Technology was backed by the senate as a way of bolstering the domestic economy.

“The U.S. is at the brink of losing manufacturing jobs to India and China and implementation of a near-term renewable energy standard would send a strong message and would do the most to boost demand.” Michael Peck, North American spokesman for Gamesa USA

Efficiency on existing distribution networks and the ‘near-term’ transformation to a Renewable network was a key focus throughout the summit with Andres Carvallo – CIO, Austin Energy was joined by Mark Gray – Chief Engineer, AEP, Steven Malnight – VP Renewable Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, , Ted Schultz – VP Energy Efficiency, Duke Energy, David Mead – VP Engineering & Technical Services, Southern California Edison and Jay Ignacio – President, Hawaii Electric to talk about their thoughts on the consequences of smart energy management, customer-sited solar, energy storage and the technologies that need to be in place to capitalize on the ‘Green Rush’. Thought leadership came from PV Powered, HP, ACCIONA Energy, Itron, Syclo and Barnard Construction Company, Inc.

“It’s great to see the industry work together to secure domestic growth, We do not want to see climate legislation transformed into a mechanism for transferring jobs overseas,” Tom Macdonald – NGU US Summit Director

The goal was clear, to invest in a Greener and innovative future in line with Government backing, but can the US Utility sector keep up with the Global ‘Green Rush’ as China and Europe steam ahead? Utility leaders have agreed to reform in Texas May 2010 to review.