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Avanti Climb Assistance in 141 new wind turbines in Oregon, USA

141 new wind turbines in Oregon, USA, are to have Avanti Climb Assistance installed. This is a system which makes it easier for service technicians to climb up and down the ladders in wind turbines.

The agreement with Avanti Wind Systems has just been signed. The 141 new wind turbines will be installed in Biglow Canyon in Oregon, USA, for Portland General Electric. Construction of the first 65 wind turbines will start in April this year. The next phase of 76 wind turbines in Biglow Canyon will be installed in 2010.


Climb Assistance has been developed by Avanti Wind Systems. The system makes it easier for service technicians to climb ladders, reducing their loads by up to 40 kg.

In simple terms, Avanti Climb Assistant consists of an endless rope which is fastened to the technician’s harness with a clamp of the same type used in mountain climbing. Giving a gentle tug starts a motor which pulls on the rope, thus facilitating climbing for the technician. The rope runs along the ladder and the pull weight is set by the technician. For example, if he weighs 100 kg and sets the pull to 40 kg, he only has to raise 60 kg of his body weight. The safety systems ensure that the technician can stop the system at any time because the pull weight is set so that the technician only need stand still on the ladder and after a few seconds without movement, the pull force stops. The service technician’s weight is also lightened in a similar way on the way down.

The Avanti Climb System can also be installed in old wind turbine towers.

In Biglow Canyon, Oregon, Avanti Wind Systems is collaborating with Portland general Electric on the smooth integration of Avanti Climb Assistance in the new wind turbine design. All the ladders in the new wind turbines are also supplied by Avanti, and both ladders and Climb Assistance are installed in the wind turbines by Avanti.

Avanti Wind System is leading world market producer of service lifts and other personal security systems to wind turbine towers. And the Avanti Training Program covers all training needs concerning Avanti’s products, evacuation, fire precautions, rescue, health and safety.

The company was founded in Denmark in 1885 and was originally a ladder factory. The company still produces ladders, but is now focusing on developing and producing safety equipment for the service technicians working in wind turbine towers. Avanti has developed a complete range of safety products for moving up and down in wind turbine towers. Avanti Wind System products such as service lifts, ladders with build-in fall safety rail and climbing assistance have been approved in accordance with official standards in USA, EU and Australia.

The headquarters is in Denmark, but Avanti Wind System also has offices, training centers and factories in United States, Spain, China, Germany and India.

Contacts and more information:

New Berlin, Wisconsin
General Manager Kent Pedersen
P: (+1) 262 641 9101
M: (+1) 414 238 1071
Email: kp@avanti-online.com