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Riding the IoT wave for improved workability

Safe and efficient offshore wind operations are reliant on accurate, instantaneous and trusted information from many parameters including environmentals, such as the sea state or weather conditions. With the advance of digitalisation, a considerable volume of data sets is now even more accessible than before. However, while the amount of data is plentiful, analysing and validating its relevance to widen operational windows and support improved cost efficiency is challenging.

There is currently a vast spectrum of technology providers in this arena each dealing with an array of technology systems which, like the weather and waves they are monitoring and measuring, are in constant flux. Knowledge of where such technologies fit in, ensuring sensors and data sets can connect and communicate (through IoT capability), and understanding how the selected data streams interact within a digital ecosystem, is essential. Well configured system architecture will enable a better and simpler understanding of how each environmental parameter links to both safety and efficiency.

Once connectivity and data flow are streamlined, leveraging the combination of gathered and processed data is possible to determine correlations as well as validating complex AI and machine-learning algorithms. In addition, with society demanding less carbon intensive activities, there is now more pressure on both the large power operators and the supply chain to ensure a qualitative approach to decision making that will reduce carbon output and accelerate the energy transition. Smart application of technologies is fundamental in achieving those goals.

For Miros, a provider of proven high-performance sensors monitoring real-time sea state data, data accuracy is just one element. Ensuring easy and secure data access in real-time at the right place at the right time seems to be the defining factor. This is achieved by an IoT enabled solution providing data access in the secure
Miros cloud.

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