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One-stop-shop solution for wiring PV plants

PV projects are divided into specific phases before the plant is finally connected to the grid. The installation phase in particular is key for success. HIS is there from the start and optimizes the project along the value chain, as well as after the COP. Whether high quality single components,
pre-assembled solar cables or individually developed string boxes: the cabling and switch system HIS CONNECT® has everything that plant operators, installers and service specialists need.

What makes a PV plant economically successful?

In addition to the costs of installation and operation, the economic success of a PV plant is determined by the yields. Suitable components as well as professional planning and installation determine the long-term quality of a plant and thus ultimately ensure smooth operation and expected yields. In the event of a fault, large plant incur high downtime costs up to and including the loss of insurance, yield losses in the case of poorly processed or low-quality components, and in some cases extremely high repair costs that far exceed the acquisition costs of the components themselves.

In general, it can be said that the largest part of the total costs of a PV plant is accounted for by the solar modules, inverters, substructure and installation. The costs for the electrical connection, electricity meters and individual components account for a smaller share. The savings potential, purely at the component level, is manageable for these products, as the share of the total costs is around 5%. However, it is precisely these ‘C-components’ which matter and which, incidentally, are often accorded much less importance than the others. The faults or failure risks in these components is one of the factors that can significantly jeopardise the profitability of the system.

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