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No strings attached

Wireless technology brings the industry together

Wireless technology has transformed the way we live. Every day, people depend on wireless systems to communicate at work, at home and when on the move.

In fact, with advances in technology, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if in a few decades from now, we were all living in a virtually wire free world.

The potential benefits of wireless systems for offshore applications are clear. Long-range radio modems and gateways have enabled people to communicate in even the world’s most challenging, far-flung seas.

Through the development of its own patent-based communication products nCentric can offer disruptive technology and has a well-defined competitive advantage, both in term of technology and commercial contribution, compared to other competitive telecommunication technologies e.g. satellite and classic operators.

However, it’s not just on land that we rely on this ‘no-strings attached’ approach, nCentric’s wireless networks are now widely deployed and used to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective broadband communications between assets and vessels and onshore facilities.

It’s nCentric’s goal to supply seamless video streaming and data transmissions for large-scale, wireless dynamic mesh networks from its offices and partners across the globe.

The nCentric technology can be used to monitor offshore operations, increase communication and can relay high definition footage from Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in real-time. The system can be configured remotely and can be monitored from an onshore location, reducing the number of people required offshore and limiting downtime.

The technology was a key component in the clean-up operation following the Deep Water Horizon disaster in 2010. The U.S Government identified that increased visibility and enhanced communication were needed in order to monitor the operation. The fast-track nature of the project required an extremely quick turnaround.

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