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Living in a digital world

The market for sustainable energy is growing and in today’s fast-paced, always-on world giving potential new customers the information they need, when they want it is a challenge for installers and suppliers. The answer lies beyond the online calculator tool.

Things are looking good for the PV industry as more and more homeowners are considering sustainable energy solutions. The trend in new installations is rising. If 2020 highlighted anything, it was the sheer impact that our fast-paced way of life in the modernised world is having on the environment. When we were all forced to slow down for a while the climate had a glimmer of time to fight back. That in turn has led to a surging growth for renewable energy, as countries commit to targets for reaching carbon neutrality and an upwards turn for residential installations too.

Additionally, increasing in parallel with this is the expectation of personal innovative and predominantly digital customer service. As the pace of installation of these sustainable energy solutions speeds up, so too must the customer service behind the sale. Of course, customer service as a whole has also witnessed its own revolution since the pandemic began, with a major shift towards online and virtual handling. While this aids the speed of the process this trend brings with it its own challenges, not least because consumers have now come to expect instant answers as a result of an always-on culture.

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