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‘Being there where the wind industry develops’

As a leading energy logistics service provider, DHSS is the single point of contact for offshore energy related companies in the field of ships agency services, port logistics and helicopter operations. ‘We unburden all stakeholders involved in the offshore energy industry; from vessel owners to charterers and service-related companies,’ says Wim Schouwenaar, founder and owner of DHSS. ‘Our services are going beyond.’

He has more than thirty years of experience in the offshore related industry and founded DHSS in 1997 as a sole proprietorship. Through the years, a lot of challenges have strengthened the company, which nowadays contains a team of nearly 50 staff members spread out at five A1 locations in the Netherlands and project locations in France and UK, used as supporting points for offshore wind developments. The company has spread its wings on international scale.

Transit into offshore wind

DHSS’ involvement in wind started in 2016 with the construction of the Gemini Offshore Wind Farm. This wind farm was built by Siemens Gamesa and Van Oord. ‘We coordinated the helicopter transport of the technicians and vessel crew from Den Helder Airport, while the vessel operations were taken care of from the marshalling port Eemshaven.

This project caught our eye on this strategic area: we saw major renewable developments were taking place on the German continental shelf, with Eemshaven being the perfect operational base for all vessel related logistics in this region. Also, we recognized the shift of various of our O&G clients, adjusting their sails also towards the renewable sector.

That is why, in addition to our depots in Den Helder and IJmuiden, we decided to establish our support base in Eemshaven in 2017.’

Our vision was right: at the beginning of 2018, DHSS won a long-term contract for wind farm Merkur at the German continental shelf.

‘That gave us the opportunity to continue further development of our presence in this port. Our collaborative approach, together with an eye for added value for a port environment, a new base was built in Eemshaven together with a ships waste management company, with whom DHSS shares its current location. With our further add-ons of warehouse management with a variety of offshore containers at our yard and a helicopter terminal at the same base, all our core activities are executed from one base, situated at walk-to-work distance from our clients.’

On a daily basis, DHSS handles CTVs and serves Service Operations Vessels, installation and W2W vessels as a full-service supplier with a team of operational and customs experts.

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