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A partner with forward thinking solutions

Facing the fast and dynamically growing photovoltaic (PV) capacity worldwide, the market leader for PV connections is prepared to serve and improve the safety of this still young industry. Stäubli Renewable Energy offers tailored services along the PV project lifecycles for eBoS (electrical Balance of System) applications and is investing in product innovation, resources and expertise. Two new members of the global team give a brief personal insight.

Stäubli has been active in the photovoltaic industry (PV) since the beginning, at that time as Multi-Contact company. With its first pluggable PV connector MC3 the connectors specialist was pioneering. Ever since, the successor model, the Original MC4 connector of Stäubli, has set the benchmark in the industry and the company has become the international leader with its PV connector portfolio. Throughout 20 plus years, the global growth of cumulative PV capacity has constantly increased and become a mainstream electricity source. The cost reduction evolution in PV technology has favored a larger and more sustainable market development accompanied by national as well as international energy and climate programs to accelerate the energy transition.

Over these years, Stäubli Renewable Energy has continuously held a strong presence in the PV industry and meanwhile consistently advanced from component manufacturer and supplier to solution provider. While around
50 % of the worldwide cumulative PV capacity rely on Stäubli PV connectors, the company has a strong commitment to contribute to a safer PV industry. Stäubli Renewable Energy is continually investing in the development of product innovation, product safety and product reliability as well as elaborating services for eBoS applications (electrical Balance of Systems) along the PV project lifecycles. At the same time the investments are also with a focus on production capacity and human expertise. This overall expansion is not only a response to the industry development, but also it empowers Stäubli to grow faster than the market.

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