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Why Europe is ready for a shift to micro-inverter based rooftop installations in residential PV

All over Europe, string inverters have been the standard for decades, not only in large-scale industrial PV plants, but also in residential rooftop installations. Although there have been some alterations in the product standards to tackle performance, safety and other issues, there hasn’t been a major reformation in the residential market for a long time. While Europe is still stuck with inflexible string inverter solutions, installers and homeowners in many other parts of the world have recognized the benefits of micro-inverter based rooftop installations long ago.

Safety regulations determined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) have led to the implementation of single-module control in the United States, whether it be with micro-inverters or optimizers. Thanks to this development, US homeowners not only benefit from a superior safety standard. They also enjoy much longer warranties and a higher energy yield, since each module runs at its individual maximum power point and because single-module control makes more roof space accessible for PV installation.

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