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Weather forecasting all good in hindsight

The weather plays an important role in the operation and maintenance of wind farms, helping to determine output, scheduling maintenance and predicting potential downtime. Accurate forecasting is therefore essential for forward planning. But what about hindsight forecasting? Can looking back over the history of weather patterns help us make wise assumptions for the future too?  

Understanding local weather conditions relies on a more global picture to get a clear sense of climate and marine risk evolutions. Launched a year ago, the enovOcean e-platform provides professional weather forecasting and is about to take this one step further, by actually working backwards with access to 30 years of data on wind and waves.

enovOcean goes beyond the usual important parameters like wind, wave and current predictions, providing unique indicators that can help build a reliable model of future weather patterns, including rogue waves, steep sea, model comparisons, tidal currents, marine energies, and now hindcast data too.

This metocean data can be accessed online, retrieved and shared among teams, helping to save time and costs. 



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