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Three decades of trend-setting innovation and development

As it celebrates its 30th anniversary, Mounting Systems GmbH looks at the changing landscape of solar and how the latest innovations can make a positive impact on a clean environment, while also ensuring a good customer relationship.

In today’s world, renewable energies are more in demand than ever. The photovoltaic industry has experienced an enormous upswing in recent years. But despite the increased interest in solar energy, system operators still face some challenges. One of the biggest problems is the limited availability of land for solar plants. Especially in urban areas, space requirements are high and it can be difficult to find enough room for an efficient solar installation. This is where Mounting Systems comes in and offers a solution with its innovative substructures.

By using special support profiles and an intelligent module fastening, use of available space can be maximised. The innovative technology ensures that the modules are aligned at an optimal angle to the sun and thus achieve a high energy yield. This means that even smaller areas can be used effectively and it is possible to obtain a higher output from the solar installation.

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