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The sun plays architect

Austrian-based company my-PV has been successfully developing smart technology for the intelligent use of solar energy for over a decade. Now the company has moved into its new headquarters in Sierning, the design of which was unmistakably inspired by the sun. The PIKO CI commercial inverter from KOSTAL forms part of this pioneering project, demonstrating its capabilities on large scale projects.

If form follows function, the my-PV GmbH building can be described as stylistically successful and yet uncompromisingly oriented towards self-sufficiency. Photovoltaics were installed as a style-defining element on all façades, including the north side. They divide the façade surface in a strict geometric fashion, alternating with vertical wooden cladding and window surfaces. Light-coloured window frames and covers for the blinds contrast with black PV and deep brown façade timbers. 



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