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Solar energy management begins at home

As part of the globally operating German KOSTAL group, with a turnover of 3.3 billion € in 2022, KOSTAL Solar Electric offers a lean but extremely flexible portfolio of photovoltaic devices that meets all needs, from home use to commercial applications. In addition to inverters, a wallbox and energy meters with numerous functions round off the product range. We talked with Thomas Vogel, Director Product Management, about current developments, awards and took a look into the future.

PES: It’s great to catch up with you again Thomas. For this interview it would be good to focus on home management systems and where KOSTAL fits in with this sector of the market.

Thomas Vogel: Home energy management is hugely important in the complete system, as self-sufficiency using self-produced electricity must always be perfectly organised, even in times with less solar irradiation. The KOSTAL product range consists of inverters, compatible storage units, smart energy meters, plus those culminating in wall boxes, always in combination with an intelligent and integrated energy management system.

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