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Shifting winds: the 
future of full service offshore access

As the global wind sector continues to grow, so does the demand for efficient and flexible offshore access solutions. Fifteen years ago, Ampelmann was founded on a unique premise: to provide offshore access as easy as crossing the street. Its high-tech motion compensated systems have helped to define new industry standards for safety and efficiency in an age when the global energy infrastructure is rapidly changing, diversifying, and adapting to new demands for offshore access. Over the years, the company has developed new systems, tools, and services to facilitate this change and ease the acceleration towards the energy transition. 

The global offshore wind energy sector is growing dramatically. Governments throughout the world are raising their renewable energy targets to new ambitious heights. The global wind energy council (GWEC) recently estimated that the next eight years could see the addition of 260 GW of offshore wind installations bringing the total global offshore wind capacity to 316GW by 2030.  

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