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Safety, service, sustainability and smartness

In a growing offshore wind market, there is a need to adapt to rapid change. As wind wheels and wind farms grow in size, increasing amounts of electricity will be produced, requiring even more powerful machines, as well as cranes. That’s not all though, as smart answers for complex work places and environments with diverse machines will also be needed. Those well-designed solutions will be important because crane drivers and, generally speaking, personnel on, or in charge of, platforms need to have the right tools to maintain control, no matter how multifaceted and complex the situation is. 

Global offshore wind is transforming. Automation, interconnectedness and digitalization are just a few of the buzzwords longing to be filled with more concrete meaning. For example, with wind turbine development, turbine installations will go from 11 megawatts in 2021 to 20 megawatts by the end of this decade. Wind wheels of up to 30 megawatts are even predicted for the not too distant future. 

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