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Robotics: the key to the future of offshore wind

When wind turbines were first placed in the sea off the Danish island of Lolland in 1991, it was the start of a global journey which would see wind power as the backbone of a sustainable future. Fast forward 30 years and those 11 turbines off Vindeby have transformed into more than 160 offshore wind farms worldwide. But while innovation has created bigger and more efficient turbines, the question of just how to maintain and protect these assets has never been more important.

While offshore wind is a relatively new industry in energy generation, it is expanding at a phenomenal rate. A recent report1 revealed offshore wind could be worth a staggering 10 billion Euros by 2029. Those responsible for maintenance have to balance the costs of power outages with repairs, and yearly inspections are by far the preferred method of assessing any potential damage. But inspections bring about their own questions, not least the cost and safety of carrying them out.


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