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Rethinking helicopters

Flexibility and accessibility are key for wind farm operators when ensuring a successful and profitable operation. In recent weeks we have seen the world change once again, with renewable energy coming even more into focus.
The result is likely to be a greater requirement to deliver energy to the European grids. Helicopters as a supplement to the logistics setup provide an opportunity to increase production of renewable energy, by adding higher accessibility to wind farms at a very competitive price. 

DECK1 has undertaken extensive research to look at new ways of chartering and managing helicopter operations, modernizing how helicopters are perceived and utilized, to make them suitable for wind farm operators.
The goal is simple: an affordable and reliable helicopter service to increase revenue and improve LCoE. PES caught up with Jim Hededal Nielsen, CEO and Founder, to find out more about Helicopter 2.0.

PES: It’s lovely to welcome you back to PES Jim and I’m looking forward to discussing this topic with you. It sounds very promising. More energy to the grid, higher revenue and a helicopter at a competitive price, why is it not being done already?


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