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Real energy independence is possible

The rising cost of energy has been making headlines throughout Europe and beyond in recent months. But is heating the forgotten element in the drive towards net zero and can solar help drive down costs and take us a step closer to a greener way of living? PES was keen to get the thoughts of
Dr Heiko Schwertner, Vice President Logic Swiss, on the subject.

PES: A warm welcome to PES Solar Heiko, I’m looking forward to getting to know more about Logic Swiss today. It would be good to begin with a short introduction to the company if you wouldn’t mind? 

Dr. Heiko Schwertner: Thank you, we are excited for this great opportunity. We are a Swiss company driven by a common goal; to make renewable energy available to everyone at an affordable price, which is why we invented our patented hero. products. Our main focus is to develop and optimize these solutions, which we sell through subsidiaries in Europe.  


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