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Protection without limits

Our roofs are our solar power plants of the future. To ensure that photovoltaic systems are equipped for the weather events caused by climate change, they need a reliable base. Premium Mounting Technologies (PMT) combines robust construction and easy installation with its innovative PMT X118.

Fifty-two percent of electricity consumption in Germany is already covered by renewable energy sources, as announced by the government in February. This is an important step in the right direction if the set climate goals are to be achieved. These targets go hand in hand with new challenges for the installation of solar systems. The more buildings that are equipped with solar modules, the more challenging building structures need to be upgraded for a clean energy supply. At the same time, there is an increase in extreme weather events, with strong winds and snowfall demanding a lot from solar modules and substructures.

The German manufacturer of photovoltaic substructures Premium Mounting Technologies (PMT) has recognized the challenges. Based on a comprehensive series of tests, extensive project experience and its expertise, the team has developed an innovative mounting system that is equipped for the challenges of the future. Its name is PMT X118.

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