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Optimising wind farm location for the highest possible yield

Although wind parks can’t produce power without wind, too much isn’t favourable either, as beyond a certain wind speed, turbines risk being damaged. In fact, strong winds can even force production to come to a complete halt or cause wind plants to fall over. To assess the profitability and safety of a wind park in advance, a thorough evaluation of the wind conditions at the site is necessary and this can be initiated by estimating the potential yield.

A yield estimate creates the opportunity to classify an area as profitable or unsuitable for wind energy production from the outset. This classification is done in a differentiated manner and is subject to a process that shows in detail the quality of the area. A yield estimate doesn’t follow any set rules, so can be drawn up very quickly compared to a wind report. Despite this, the results include all the essential parameters required for production of the subsequent wind report. Yield estimation is therefore a very good tool as a first step in determining whether an area is generally suitable as a wind farm.

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