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Next level mounting: the safe solution for every roof

Sophisticated load distribution, extensive tests in the wind tunnel and certified quality make Premium Mounting Technologies’ mounting systems stand out from the crowd. With the further development of PMT EVO 2.1, the company from Stadtsteinach sets new standards for PV projects.

About one third of the energy consumed in Germany is used by its buildings. Residential premises, company headquarters, car parks, public properties; they all need electricity and heat. By 2035, Germany’s entire electricity needs are to be met from renewable sources. This is the German government’s ambitious goal for the energy transition. Developing unused roof areas is one way of taking big steps towards this goal.

Roofs are as individual as the people who live and work under them. There are virtually no standard solutions for PV systems that fit on every roof. Each system must be considered individually and adapted to the circumstances. Factors such as the maximum load of the roof, which affects the potential solar energy yield, determine the efficiency of the project.

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