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Meeting the electricity demands of the future

With big change comes unpredictability. At a time when the world is increasingly relying on green energy including solar, this uncertainty has the potential to cause problems. PES sat down with Travis Snyder, Product Manager at Solis Europe, to find out how it is reacting to an increased need for solutions that insulate electrical users and generators from the current stresses, and to avoid energy outages.

PES: A warm welcome back to PES Travis. Solis needs little in the way of introduction to our readers, but could you recap with a brief overview for those who may be reading about the brand for the first time?
Travis Snyder: Solis is the primary brand for Ginlong Technologies, which is one of the largest and most experienced producers of PV inverters in the world. Since it was established in 2005, the company has used innovative inverter technology to deliver first-class reliability, that has been validated under the most stringent international certifications.

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