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Measuring the sun

With solar measurement forming an important part of the data landscape, and particularly so as power plants increase in size and output, PES was keen to learn from Roman Affolter, Technical Head of Meteorological Services, CSP Services about the latest bankable solar resource assessments for high-quality regional irradiance mapping. 

PES: It’s lovely to welcome you to PES Roman and to learn more about your involvement in the solar industry. I see that you offer meteorological services in the form of ground measurement of solar irradiance. What does that mean?

Roman Affolter: Thank you. Yes, CSP Services is a full-service provider offering solar ground measurement campaigns. In contrast to many other service providers, we have developed our own automatic weather stations. Those stations are designed to optimally integrate with our services, ensuring smooth campaigns and the highest data quality. The hardware can then be adapted according to the client’s needs. 

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