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Maximizing efficiency with solar project management

Sitetracker’s Director of Product Marketing, Energy and Utilities, Emily Obenauer, sheds light on the challenges solar developers face across project phases, from permitting complexities to construction coordination. PES wanted to ask her how Sitetracker’s platform streamlines processes, centralizes data, and integrates AI, fostering efficiency and sustainability in solar development.

PES: It’s good to talk to you today Emily. Sitetracker has a reputation for effective project management. What are some of the specific challenges you know that solar developers face in managing projects across different phases?

Emily Obenauer: Solar developers face several challenges in managing projects across the lifecycle, and Sitetracker’s reputation for effective project management directly addresses many of these issues. A couple specific examples include permitting and regulatory compliance. Navigating the complex web of permits and regulations at local, state, and federal levels can be time-consuming and costly. Sitetracker helps streamline this process by centralizing documentation and tracking deadlines.

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