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Making sense of new energy opportunities

With the economics of solar power looking increasingly favourable, there is a rush to invest and expand. PES was delighted to have a conversation with Kees Hoogendijk, Managing Director, EKO Instruments Europe. We discussed how sensor technology could help improve ROI and mitigate any potential imbalance in the supply and demand of experienced or qualified experts at a time of such rapid growth.

PES: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Kees. You are a familiar name to PES of course, but for the benefit of new readers could you start with a brief introduction to EKO and what you do?

Kees Hoogendijk: EKO Instruments was founded in Japan 95 years ago and develops industry-leading solar energy sensors and scientific instruments for environmental research. 

One of our most famous products is the MS-80 pyranometer. We launched it in 2016 and at the time it was the only ISO 9060:2018 Class A solar sensor on the market, in the top tier fast-response and spectrally flat sub-categories. We’ve since launched the MS-80S, part of our S-Series range of elite sensors with internal diagnostics and, coming soon, the MS-80SH.

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