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Lift off for greener transportation offshore

As the wind industry battles the challenge to reduce its own impact on CO2 emissions in the making of greener energy, could flying cranes be a possible solution for transporting spare parts, tools and equipment for turbine service and maintenance? PES was fascinated to learn more about the possibilities of the technology from Co-founder and Technical Director of Airflight, Mikkel Kærsgaard Sørensen.

PES: Welcome to PES Mikkel. We’re delighted to be starting off a new year with a new name in the publication and can’t wait to introduce you to our readers. With that in mind, perhaps you could start by giving us a brief introduction to Airflight and what you do?

Mikkel Kærsgaard Sørensen: Hi and thank you for having me here today! I’m excited to be here and share a little about our company with you. Airflight is a Danish tech company that builds flying cranes. These are large, fully-electric, industrial drones that can fly with a 200kg payload.  

PES: What would you say is the main-stay of the business, in relation to the wind industry in particular?

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