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Lift off for efficiency at height

Imagine being a wind technician standing inside a 100m high wind turbine, where the only way up is via a vertical metal ladder. This was a very real challenge for anyone until the mid-2000s. And even though many wind turbines are now equipped with climbing aids, they still cannot eradicate things like physical fatigue, safety hazards, or low efficiency.

Global wind turbine tower internals solution provider 3S Lift has set out to solve the problem, with the invention of the Climb Auto System (CAS). The innovation is a single technician ladder-mounted lift that can be easily retrofitted and mounted onto the existing ladder in a wind turbine.

With subsidiaries in Dallas in the US, Hamburg in Germany, Chennai in India, plus Beijing and Tianjin in China, over the last two decades, 3S Lift has become a leading global provider for access equipment and services for people working at heights. So far, over 7,000 units of its Climb Auto System have been installed across the US, beginning a trend for retrofitting for the whole market. The system can transport personnel and equipment to the top of a 100m high wind tower in six minutes with zero sweat and eliminates the physical and mental strain of climbing completely. It improves health and safety for the technicians, while reducing the cost of ownership.

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