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Lidar takes the lead: wind energy measurement in action

Around the globe, renewable generation capacity is exploding, as more countries seek to reach net zero in the decades ahead. With the world increasingly turning toward renewable sources, wind energy plays an increasingly prominent role in this transition. In the modern world of wind energy, the need for accurate and reliable wind measurement data has never been more pronounced.

Solar and wind continue to dominate new generating capacity, with wind energy capacity increasing by 75 GW or 9% in 2022. As new projects are rapidly constructed, onshore and offshore, the world’s installed wind generation capacity will only continue escalating. But with growth comes challenges, and wind energy industry players are not immune to them.

The traditional method of using meteorological masts for wind measurements is fraught with risks and limitations, as turbines reach taller heights than ever before and farms are constructed in increasingly challenging terrain or harsh, difficult-to-access offshore environments.

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