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Let’s talk hydraulic torque

The wind industry has a huge number of bolted joint connections and, for the most part, they are critical to both performance of the turbine and safety of those working on or around it. More recent offshore designed turbines have as many as 10,000 bolted connections. With wind turbines being designed larger, bigger bolts and higher torque values are required, so the need for hydraulic torque equipment will thrive. 

The primary installation method for assembly of equipment, construction of turbines and for maintenance is the tightening and checking of threaded fasteners, or bolts. This is a standardized way to design joints, which can also be repaired or replaced during the course of the turbine’s entire life cycle. These joints provide structural integrity of the tower, nacelle or blades. They ensure correct performance of equipment, safety of both the workers during assembly and construction, and if installed correctly, can maximize the lifetime of the turbine. 

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