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Leaving the cleaning to the robots

Keeping solar panels clean is crucial to maximizing their efficiency and ensuring optimal energy production. Dirty solar panels can reduce energy output by up to 30%, which can have a significant impact on a system’s overall performance and profitability. We thought it would be useful to learn more about some of the latest cleaning techniques available, from Oded Fruchtman, CEO of Bladeranger.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar Oded. I’m looking forward to finding out more about how things are for Bladeranger and getting your thoughts on all things solar generally. For background, you make solar panel cleaning robots, correct?

Oded Fruchtman: Yes, but it’s more than that. Bladeranger specializes in solar energy solutions. We focus on developing AI and robotics Operations & Maintenance technologies to help the solar industry generate cleaner, sustainable, and profitable solar energy. Our Solar O&M platform consists of two main products, the Deep Solar Platform and Pleco-Solar, that help maximize solar asset profitability through remote AI-based performance diagnostics and autonomous waterless cleaning robots. Pleco-Solar, is the world’s lightest autonomous waterless solar panel cleaning robot.

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