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Leading the charge in PV inverter solutions

Photovoltaic (PV) inverters play a crucial role in solar energy systems, converting direct current into alternating current for use in homes, businesses, and the grid. PES sat down with Yao Qu, President, Europe, at Sineng Electric, to look at its strategic approach to market demands, its commitment to sustainability, and how its products stand out in a competitive landscape.

PES: It’s great to chat to you Yao. Perhaps we can begin by looking at what factors drove Sineng’s decision to enter the PV inverter solutions market, and how the company has evolved since then?

Yao Qu: Our decision to enter the PV inverter solutions market was primarily driven by the burgeoning photovoltaic industry in 2010. Recognising the increasing demand for PV inverters, Sineng seized the opportunity by initiating a partnership with Emerson Network Power. Concurrently, we continued to increase investments in research and development, expand our talented team, and prioritise technological innovation. Initially focusing on the development of PV inverters tailored for utility-scale applications, the company has since undergone considerable transformation, diversifying our product offering and fortifying our competitive edge by delivering top-tier services. Moreover, aware of the vast potential within the energy storage extensive R&D, and a commitment to sustainability. Leveraging the research and development expertise of Emerson Network Power, we offer a versatile range of products, including string inverters, central inverters, MV turnkey stations, and energy storage systems.


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