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It’s time to shine for high-power back-contact PV modules

For years, the high-power, back-contact PV module has waited patiently for its day in the sun. Now, this technology is set for a resurgence. Applications are growing fast, from expanding markets like residential rooftops to new markets like e-vehicles. To help unpack the opportunities ahead, and the science behind it, PES spoke to the recently appointed Business Director of Conductive Backsheets for Endurans™ Solar, Lawrence Theunissen.  

PES: Welcome Lawrence. Could you tell us about yourself and what you bring to the solar industry? 

Lawrence Theunissen: I’m a mechanical engineer by training, so have always been interested in how things work. Over the past 28 years, I’ve combined my knowledge of polymers and application development with more commercial roles, so you could say that I bring the best of both worlds, at least partially! Although relatively new to solar, my engineering background gives me a sound understanding of the technology, of course. But what also helps is that I have extensive experience working in renewable materials, where many of the challenges we’re striving to solve in solar are similar.  

PES: Can you explain a bit more about that?

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