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Inspection training pays off

The expectations of continued wind industry growth bring sustained challenges at many levels. One of these is finding the best way of expanding the workforce while maintaining safety and training standards, something that can be achieved with the correct training and support.

Demand for wind turbine technicians is predicted to grow over the next five years, due to the very rapid growth in onshore and offshore wind farms, as well as the need for older wind farms to be replaced or refurbished, as they come to the end of their working lives. However, for this growth to be successful, the workforce needs to expand too and the skills gap needs to be bridged.

According to the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), global onshore and offshore wind capacity is set to grow by 67% from 837GW in 2021 to 1,394GW in 2026, and a skilled workforce is needed to install and maintain this fleet safely and efficiently.

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