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HPDC technology takes utility-scale solar to the next level

LONGi has been at the forefront of the solar industry for decades, becoming the world’s most valuable solar company through a combination of envelope-pushing technology leadership and unrivaled manufacturing scale. But even by its lofty standards, its new Hi-MO 7 modules represent an impressive step forward for solar technology. CJ Fu, Head of Product and Solutions, sat down with PES to talk about the company’s new offering and its innovative approach.

PES: Most of our readers are probably familiar with LONGi already, but in case they aren’t, could you give us an introduction to the company?

Chengjiang Fu: LONGi is a fully vertically integrated solar company, producing solar wafers, cells, and modules for all market segments and project types. In the last eight years, we have supplied more than 129.3 GW of solar modules globally, which is enough to meet about a quarter of total worldwide demand.

I’d say that the secret to our success has been a holistic philosophy that puts customer value at its core, with a goal of delivering products with the highest quality, reliability, and performance in the market at a competitive price.

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