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How to meet worldwide manufacturing and service capabilities with a global technology partner

PES had a conversation with Xabier Irure, who currently holds the position of Global Commercial Director at Ingeteam Wind Energy. Its primary focus at the moment is expanding its global presence. The conversation centered on the potential for growth and the challenges associated with sustainability in a highly competitive environment.

PES: A warm welcome to this edition of PES Wind, Xabier. We’re talking to you at what is an important time for Ingeteam, with the recent launch of a campaign focused on your global footprint. Tell us more about that and why this is an important focus. 

Xabier Irure: Our customers are global; they manufacture from different locations around the world to serve their key markets, and as they are at the centre of our strategy, we try to stay as close to them as possible. Thus, over the years we have set up different locations globally, attracted the best professionals and transferred our know-how and processes to them to replicate our best practices and standardise quality.

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