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How smart solar energy can fuel the next revolution in Ag-Tech

The agriculture industry is at the cusp of a major shift. Climate change impacts, rising energy costs, shifting government subsidies, increasing demand for food, and international conflicts are reshaping global market dynamics more than ever before. As farmers, governments, and other stakeholders plan for these disruptions, new agribusiness models can, and should, include agrisolar as an opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs and meet clean energy targets.

The convergence between the agriculture and solar industries makes perfect sense. The respective industries can benefit each other in several ways, without being detrimental to land productivity or solar production.

Agriculture was one of the earliest industries to adopt solar energy. Today, many farmers have PV systems on rooftops of barns, sheds, or other farm structures that can be used to generate free power for driving irrigation pumps and other critical systems or for selling to the local utility. 

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