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How efficient is your PV system?

‘Home-grown’ solar energy from a roof-mounted system provides greater independence, saves energy costs, and contributes to climate protection. However, dirt, technical defects, or shading from vegetation and roof structures can impair the efficiency of PV systems. Regular servicing, maintenance, and inspection ensure sustainable safety and reliability of the electrical installations, help to optimise their energy yield, and protect the investment in the long run. Modern testing
and inspection methods that use infrared (IR) technology, characteristic curve measurement and the trained eye of an expert make for smooth tests and inspections that keep downtime to a minimum. 

Despite rising purchase costs, photovoltaic (PV) systems still generate good returns and are particularly worthwhile investments for organisations with high electricity consumption that operate larger systems with a minimum power output of 30 kWp. Possible examples include businesses, trades, and industrial enterprises, but also public buildings or facilities run by municipalities and public utilities. As a general principle, the bigger the purchase, the more important it is to secure the investment, and investments in PV systems are no exception. 

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