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Forward-thinking maintenance

LiMain by Liebherr keeps changing our view on maintenance. At the beginning of this year and in a first for PES Wind, Gregor Levold, Sales Director Offshore, Ship and Port Cranes at Liebherr, introduced the system. It is the company’s in-house solution for fast and reliable maintenance of offshore platforms. Since then,
it has attracted a lot of interest from a wide scope of stakeholders recognizing the necessity for smart responsiveness in a rapidly changing offshore wind environment. Here, we pick up where we left off in early 2022 and take a closer look at the advantages it can represent.

Safety, service, sustainability and smartness will be essential features required for the future in global offshore wind. It may turn out to be decisive within this challenged market to adapt to a business changing ever so rapidly. Wind wheels and wind farms growing in size will produce increasing amounts of electricity, requiring even more powerful machines, as well as cranes. Broadly speaking, personnel on, or in charge of, platforms must have the tools to be in control, no matter how multifaceted and complex the situation at their given location is.

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