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Everybody has the power, but where is the heat?

There is lots of talk about power shortages and how we can produce even more power through solar or wind. It is true, nothing works without power. However, the current crisis in eastern Europe shows that we cannot only focus on power shortages. There is another source of energy, that might actually be a way bigger risk if we can’t find a sustainable solution, and that is heat. 

By mainly focusing on producing renewable electrical energy, heat energy is almost completely left out. While we are building huge wind parks and installing PV solar panels, the main heat source is still fossil fuels such as oil and gas. In numbers, more than 80% of heat production is not renewable. 

On top of that, we are dependent on supplies from other countries, which, in a crisis like we are in right now, is a big threat. So, there must be a way for renewable, decentralized heat production, which will reduce CO2 emissions and dependency on other countries. Luckily, there are already solutions out there that can be used immediately; solutions like hero. modules. 

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