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Empowering asset managers through independent data analysis

With the wind being an unpredictable beast, optimising the performance of turbines and reacting quickly to changes in conditions involves a huge amount of data gathering and analysis. Sereema takes a look at how digital technology is being used to enable quick decision making with everyone in sync.

As the wind industry market grows in size and complexity, digital innovation is needed to maintain accuracy across the sector and for businesses to remain competitive on a global level. Turbine and wind farm optimisation are the cornerstones to the future of the wind industry, impacting all the businesses of the value chain.

For example, in the near future smart turbines will be capable of learning from local conditions, determining their best patterns of behaviour without human action. Instead of having to analyse tons of data, asset managers and operators will be able to simply interact with their intelligent turbines, monitor their optimised behaviour and track the extra energy yield obtained.


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