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eDNA breakthrough set to revolutionise ecological surveys for offshore wind

As we rapidly transition to renewable energy sources to help tackle climate change, supply chain resources are increasingly under pressure. There has never been a greater need for new technology and practices that help to maximise resources. Thanks to an industry collaboration, Natural Power and its project partners, EDF Renewables, environmental DNA and nature intelligence experts, NatureMetrics, have launched a ground-breaking report1, validating the use of fish environmental DNA (eDNA) survey methods that will transform offshore wind farm environmental impact assessments.

Easing pressure on the existing supply chain for offshore wind developments includes satisfying the environmental and consenting requirements under EIA legislation, whilst balancing limited resources such as vessel and staff availability. 

Innovative methods are needed to help resolve the many challenges we face as an industry, and using eDNA for the collection of biological data without an increase in frequency and survey effort is one such method that is being successfully explored.

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