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Eastern opportunity 
for future renewable 
energy transition

Located on England’s east coast, Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is a one-stop-shop for handling pre-assembly, O&M and manufacturing opportunities, simultaneously, making it ‘like no other UK port location’, according to Port Director Richard Goffin. PES takes a look at why having such a highly experienced site available to handle major offshore projects is of growing importance.

The UK Government’s Build Back Greener strategy and target to become net zero by 2050 are ambitious, and so they should be. The challenges brought on by the war in Ukraine and Europe’s reliance on Russian oil and gas have rightly made us all look at energy again with a renewed sense of urgency.

The British Energy Security Strategy aims to secure clean and affordable energy for the long term. This is so we can become ‘energy independent’ and move away from foreign energy sources, through wind, solar, nuclear and by giving some North Sea energy fields a new lease of life.

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