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Driving down LCoE through shape sensing

The wind industry is undergoing an existential challenge in a period where fast growth of wind energy is needed the most. Many factors outside the control of the industry have been increasing the overall levelised cost of electricity (LCoE). However, challenges like unplanned O&M costs, optimisation of lifetime and performance, could be within industry control. More advanced shape sensing solutions can be real enablers in bringing down the LCoE.

The challenges facing the industry

Contrary to expectations, the LCoE of wind energy is not decreasing as planned. In fact, it is increasing significantly due to a combination of factors, internal and external to the industry. A new geopolitical situation resulted in high inflation rates. Resource scarcity or protectionist movements increased the cost of the supply chain. Furthermore, the push for the fast delivery of larger turbines to drive down LCoE added increased risk and unplanned costs during their manufacture, installation, and operation. These factors are multiplied by the faster and ever-increasing demand to meet the government’s renewable targets for 2030 and beyond.

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