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Creating added value through professional PV system monitoring for O&M

When service providers assume responsibility for the investments of others, they’re certainly aware that they’re taking on a great deal of responsibility for the success. That’s why they carefully select the components and systems in order to not only achieve the desired result for the investors, but also create a cost-covering corporate structure in the long term that will enable them to continue growing. This is especially true when selecting a monitoring system or monitoring service.

No one monitors more PV systems worldwide than Solar-Log™, and no one has more experience than the inventor of professional PV monitoring. Project planning in the monitoring and grid connection field are just as integral to the Solar-Log™ service portfolio as direct marketing packages. Solar-Log™ customers benefit from the experience garnered from more than 330,000 monitoring systems installed worldwide. The advantages are obvious: relieving time pressure, securing returns and avoiding costly errors right from the initial design phase.

Online monitoring with Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4

The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 online platform enables operators and service providers worldwide to monitor their plants professionally and efficiently. Errors are recognised immediately and can be analysed in a targeted manner. If adjustments are necessary in the device settings for the plant monitoring, or in the device communication for the grid connection, these can be rectified remotely. This often avoids costly trips to the site and also saves considerable time. These possibilities also considerably expand the scope for providing operational management services.

The monitoring can be depicted graphically according to each user’s individual requirements, so that the relevant data can always be grasped at a glance. The newly implemented Pinboard and Slideshow features display all relevant information for the technical operations manager on one screen. The link with the Slideshow feature ensures that the values from all preselected plants are displayed in the same view on a rolling basis.

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