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Compact cranes for versatile wind conditions

Taking the heavy lifting out of offshore work is important, not just during the installation phase of larger structures, but with the ongoing maintenance too, looking after the entire lifecycle of the wind farm. With space so often at a premium, having cranes that are suitable for use in compact situations is advantageous and having access to an entire fleet to cover all bases is the ideal. 

Quite often, the offshore wind market is defined solely through the use or work of heavy lift cranes. This holds true to some degree when it comes to the ‘rough’ parts, such as the installation of big monopiles or movement of heavy structures. But it is sometimes forgotten that supporting work during installation and ongoing processes such as on converter platforms, plays a decisive part in the lifecycle of wind farms and wind wheels respectively. The latest generation of Liebherr Ram Luffing cranes (RL) is made for these important aspects. 

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