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Charting solar success

In a conversation with Dirk Tegtmeyer, co-founder of Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH, we discuss the exciting developments of the company amidst a rebranding to IMT Technology GmbH. Aside from a new name, what are the latest advancements in Si sensors and what are the plans for seamless transition and global market penetration?

PES: Welcome back to PES Dirk. It’s great to talk to you today, at what is a busy and exciting time for your business. Perhaps we could begin with some brief background and an overview of where you sit within the solar market currently?

Dirk Tegtmeyer: Thank you, we are working in interesting and exciting times within the solar market. For several years, our focus has been on sensors such as reference cells and temperature sensors, catering to clients in the monitoring industry, inverter manufacturing sector, and system integration field.

While our sun simulators and measurement test stands have somewhat receded into the background, we still undertake significant projects, particularly for research institutions. Being a prominent player in the reference cell sector, we’ve experienced growth alongside the international market over the past four years. In September last year, we successfully expanded our production line, effectively doubling the production area for our sensors.

This expansion has greatly enhanced our capacity to produce more sensors, reduce delivery times, and provide additional storage for the components essential to our production process.

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