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Carbon reduction and energy cost stability for large UK manufacturing site

After establishing a solid position within residential solar markets across Europe, the commercial and utility scale sector has begun to strike up quite a liking for Solis. With a robust financial position, a focus on quality and customer service, the brand is fast becoming the inverter of choice for many large-scale solar developers.

Building relationships with partners is part of the reason for the success and growth within the large-scale solar sector. Product availability, technical support, both online and on site, has been key to one such partner, Engenera.

Engenera, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies, continues to expand its diverse portfolio with a recently completed 2MW solar project at Faerch Plast, County Durham UK. The Engenera Renewables Group provide renewable energy solutions for business owners across the UK working with them to understand their needs
and objectives.

Bryan Glendinning, CEO for Engenera says ‘Clients often have fragmented or unclear objectives around energy and sustainability. This could include energy savings, becoming carbon neutral and wanting to introduce a green commitment to their business. It is our job to assist them in pulling it all together to develop a solution that meets – or ideally exceeds – their objectives.’

Faerch Plast, part of the A P Moller Group produces high quality packaging for the food industry, specifically for ready meals and food on the go. They incorporate sustainable solutions into the packaging that can reduce carbon emissions and that contribute positively to products with environmental focus. The company’s strategy on sustainability is clear: to lead the industry’s efforts in making food packaging circular.

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